About Me

Driven and highly accomplished professional with proven success directing profitable and productive sales teams.

Generate significant revenue and performance growth by developing strategic plans to meet and exceed corporate objectives, ensuring success by closely assessing performance and determining required changes in under-performing areas. Highly innovative; develop and implement improvements to increase quality and enhance productivity. Dynamic leader; able to build high-performance teams, effectively coaching employees to promote consistent improvement. Maximize profitability by coaching staff in enhanced customer service and team work.

As a leading real estate professional in my community, I am dedicated to providing the finest service available while breaking new ground. The real estate industry today is constantly evolving, and you need a professional who understands this diversity and is positioned to stay ahead of the game.


  • Hard Working.

  • Dedicated.

  • Reliable.

  • Honest.

  • Knowledgeable.


Address: Royal Pacific (Kingsway), Ltd
3107 Kingsway, Vancouver BC V5R 5J9

Phone number: 778-951-0914

E-mail: bob@bobchand.com

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